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Be confident, Be simple, Be VCharles

We’re more than just looks

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Let's elevate the movement

I, Valerie, am just a vegan girl who wants to share her values to the community and make a
little difference in this world. I want to show to everyone that you do not need to compromise fashion trends to help the environment and the animals.

Our vegan bags are made from plants fibers and cork. No animal fabrics were used to create our products.

You can make a difference by getting started on your cruelty-free and eco-friendly journey today!

By simply choosing a VCharles bag you can help reduce the number of slaughtered animals and have a positive impact on our planet.

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Sustainable for life

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Urban lifestyle & for every occasion

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Versatility & organization

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" I’m in love with this bag! Super lightweight and can easily fit my 15 inch laptop. Really well organised. This cork bag has such an interesting texture. I also really like that it is waterproof. A must !! ''

Sarah, Canada

" I have been looking for a vegan bag that would suit my busy lifestyle and I finally found it! I use it every day from work to school. I really like the contrast of the 2 colors inside and outside. This is my new best friend! ''

Mia, United States

" Such a beautiful bag and it's sustainable! Love the versatility of the bag. I can wear it as a backpack to run errands, as a crossbody bag when I go to work and as a tote bag when go out with my friends. WOW ''

Vanessa, Australia